My word for 2015

Thinking about my word for 2015 made me consider just one simple word. It seemed like I had lost a lot of my grip on life in general. Starting in 2013 and while things were going better, it took a deep plunge in late 2014 and I desperately reached out in all directions just to get some hold of things. It didn’t help or matter though. Things spiraled out of control, things out of my reach, whether I wanted or not…

So for this new year I need something to get my world back in order. I need to control whatever is going on around me and so I settled on the word control. For a few days I was ready to put that word into action. But then I realised that I had to go beyond just controlling my life. It was then that another word came into my vision. Literally.

While reading on my Kindle app, my eyes fell on another word that controls control. And it immediately resonated with me.


It all begins with making a choice in which direction to go. I made some poor choices in the previous years and I deeply regret them. I wish I could turn back time and chose differently.
To a certain point though…
Cause I relied heavily on my intuition which isn’t such a bad thing in itself. Just need to think things through to the point of what the consequences can and will be.

So choice will be mine to carry throughout this year and should guide me in my actions.

What is your word for 2015?

Have a happy, joyful and fruitful new year!

huge apologies to my blog subscribers

for receiving euhm… a few too many notifications *oops*

I have been playing hide and seek with my posts and republishing made all the notifications go mad. I am SO SORRY!!
But, it also means that I will be actively posting again soon, so no better way drawing major attention to the blog again. Just kidding ;-)

much love,