These are the tales of a little boy traveling

My Christmas present for Kiyan

Finished calendar


The Innocent Imagination, First Christmas Mini
& The Artist Workshop by Jofia Devoe
Rough to the Touch by Lorie Davison
Zauberkarussell by MK Designs
Merry Go Round by Glam Fairy Designs
frames Gunhild Storeide (freebie)


3 thoughts on “These are the tales of a little boy traveling

  1. Hi Sandra (AKA Chengie)! I am a little bit confused. I think you have more than one blogspot and I haven’t seen this one before. At first I had no idea that “Sixty Eight” is you!! I am blown away by your calendar. What a huge task to undertake but it is so clever and beautiful and something to be treasured for evermore. I love digital art and I am a hopeless scrapper and craft person. I wish there were more digital art places on the blogs but it seems we are in the minority. I just keep plugging away at what I do best and hope that my work is acceptable. Mostly it is because the people on the blogs are very friendly and generous. I just hope that you can find the time to occasionally drop in at DAQ. The beauty of being a Quirk is that anything goes and you can do your own thing however off the wall.
    Do you know of Irene Alexeeva’s design work? I know you like creative team participation and Irene is looking for two more people for her team. Her work is exceptional and her kits and freebies are amazing. I will send you the link anyway and you can think about applying.
    Happy New Year, Sandra!! The weather forecast for New Year’s Day here in Perth is 40degC with a prolonged heatwave to follow. This is when I begin to wish I lived in a cooler climate.
    Cheers from Marie.

  2. This is gorgeous, Sandra. I remember seeing it in the galleries when you posted the pages… absolutely breathtaking as a full set!

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