ADSR challenge 1


Bits & Pieces

background Blog Gift by Vera Lim
tattoo heart & wordart made from paper I’m a Fanpire by Tangie Baxter, font Trashed
heart Winter Magical by Elodie
chain Boy Zone by Aprilmouse
knot Naturally by Paint the Moon Designs
font: 1942 report


One thought on “ADSR challenge 1

  1. Gosh almighty! I am all over the place with your WordPress comments section. I posted one that wouldn’t go through but then got a duplicate notice on it. Then I found myself clicking on the wrong picture. At WordPress, the invitation to comment is on the top. Silly me. Sorry about that. I think I have it right now. Check out my comment under the layout for your dear little friend. I have to visit more often. I am inclined to interact with the challenges I am taking part it and lose track of time and get caught in the avalanche of comments between bloggers. Sorry about that too! I will try to do better in future.

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