ADSR Challenge 2

For the second challenge Erin and I had to show how we interpret Cabin Fever. We decided on a not so scrappy, dark mood and let ‘The Shining’ with Jack Nicholson inspire us. A lot of vignetting on the main picture, blending very dark papers, I think we got the mood right and show the boredom of being stuck inside.


Team 8 – The Altered Artsy Girls
journaling, title, acrylic element, pictures – Erin/chickypow
papers, rest of elements, picture editing – Sandra/chengie

3 pictures:
photo 1 – Jack Nicholson (googled)
photo 2 – child in hall (googled)
photo 3 – winter scene outside window (Erin)

1 paper ‘Winnipesaukee’ by Black Dog Designs (blog freebie) blended with
1 paper ‘Mysterium’ by Debra Tope (at Oscraps) to get the left front wall
1 paper ‘The Great Outdoors’ by Gina Marie Huff (at Weeds & Wildflowers) for the right front wall
1 paper ‘Charmes d’Antan’ by Paint the Moon Designs (at Oscraps) blended with picture of child in hallway to get the black ceiling

8 elements:
1 acrylic arrow – ‘Joy Explosion’ by Newlife Dreams (at Shabby Pickle Designs)
1 window – ‘Envie de campagne’Aurore Boréale (blog freebie)
1 bench (altered) – Jarka (blog freebie)
1 lamp – ‘What is Old is New 2’ by Holliewood Studios (at Oscraps)
1 pile of books – ‘What is Old is New 2’ by Holliewood Studios (at Oscraps)
1 tv – Kubivet (blog freebie)
1 telephone – ‘Rough to the Touch’ by Lorie Davison (at Scrapbookgraphics)
3 toy cars – ‘Rough to the Touch’ by Lorie Davison (at Scrapbookgraphics)

Alpha from ‘Artemia’ Collab Kit (at After 5 Designs)

main journaling – DaunPenh
for the word “Crazy” – Laundromat 1967

Journaling reads:
The gloom, the grey, the snow, the ice.
It’s too wet, too cold, too dark, too slippery to go out.
Sometimes it can make one feel a little bit CRAZY.
Makes me think of “The Shining’. If a few bad spirits were
thrown into the equation here, CRAZY could actually happen.
After the holidays, there is not much money left either, so
indoor activities outside of the house are limited.
We are in the 2 longest months now. Jan and Feb. The ones
that seem to go on forever, leaking the gloom all over the place,
so thick you could slip in it. Lets hope not. Let’s hope we don’t
fall into Cabin Fever CRAZY this year.

And I couldn’t be happier, this layout has been fingerpointed at Gallery Standouts!!!
This really made my day, we have been very working hard on it.


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