ADSR Challenge 12

This is the last layout we had to do for the ADSR. I thought to go with creating the layout again, cause I really suck at journaling. So Erin, the Queen of journaling, got to be the most creative LOL

We Are Storytellers

We Are Storytellers

“We Are Storytellers” word art by Kellie Mize
Alice Curious Adventures by SherrieJD & Tangie Baxter
paper, tree Creation 23 by Catherine Designs & Createwings Designs
lamp The Invisible World by Newlife Dreams
bench Juliegoodgirl
Font: SF Scribbled Sans

I am a storyteller, only I use images to tell my stories instead of words. I am a pohtographer and storytelling through scrapbooking is my artistic outlet. It’s my way of sharing my stories and inner feelings through the medium I understand best. I am leaving part of myself on every page through my art, through my storytelling.

I am a storyteller. I cannot draw or paint. But I am a photographer and a writer. Something inside me needs to let out the stories that make up my own unique life experiences. For my son, for my friends, for my family and most of all, for myself. I need to feel the release of creativity and to know I’m leaving my experiences behind.


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