Queenie rules

Queenie, actually I named her Puss, was a stray cat that scared the hell out of me two years ago. Washing the dishes, I felt that somebody was looking at me. As I turned around, I saw this BLACK cat staring at me. A cat inside the house, WTF? Everybody thought I was hallucinating, especially since I had seen a black crow crashing against the window at work. Which, btw, also made me jump out of my chair. Yup, both on the same day.
Anyway, later that afternoon, I heard meowing but no cat to be seen. Until I looked into a corner, and there she was. I was not hallucinating. After being chased out of the house, she decided to stay on the roof. Until I asked the gardener to find a box so we could let her go in another part of the neighbourhood. Poof, she was gone, didn’t have to a thing. Guess she heard me talking and decided to take matters into her own hands, claws….whatever.

Queenie RulesQueenie Rules…or not

Royalty by SherrieJD
font: Nasty


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