My Hopes My Dreams

#218My Hopes My Dreams

Erika’s Shabby Art Doll House HGD by Laurie Ann
chair, banner, frog Day Dreams & Buttercups HGD by Laurie Ann
papers, bench Big Dreams & Pocket Treasures HGD by Laurie Ann
paper, heart Softly Spoken HGD by Laurie Ann
buttons on string Hang Ups HGD by Laurie Ann
horse, toy soldier, bird cage, screws Art My Journal Pieces DIF Add-On HGD by Laurie Ann
bird Snow Angels HGD by Laurie Ann
paper for word snippets, window Rhinestone Cowgirl HGD by Laurie Ann
chandelier, hook Feel The Love HGD by Laurie Ann
papers, birds, paper leaves, text overlay Things With Wings HGD by Laurie Ann
word snippets Life by Aja Abney
canvas, paint splatter The Artsy Town by Kasia Designs
paint brushes The Artist Workshop by Jofia Devoe
dress, mirror, curtain My Dream World by Newlife Dreams
key I’m A Fanpire by Tangie Baxter
clock Midnight in the Parlor by Tangie Baxter
clothes pin Altered Art Sampler A by Tangie Baxter
bottles Wizard Boarding School by Tangie Baxter
table, bed Opsy Daisy by Lily Designs
fridge Fridge Art by Holliewood Studios
dresser Wattle by Zalinka (freebie)
tv Chic Flic by the Maltese Scrapper (freebie)
dress doll Kubivet (freebie)
font: Royfont


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