About to burst…

This week’s DigiDare is mine, so come and play!

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DigiDare#138“About to burst”

By Tangie Baxter
Date Markers and Arrows Project 365 Grab Bag-Collab w/ DeCrow Designs
{TBD Classics} The Briny Deep
{TBD Classics} The Bounding Main
{TBD Classics} The Great Pink Sea
{TBD Classics} da Vinci

By Lorie Davison
Flying Dreams and Rough to the Touch

Need Some Water by Jofia Devoe
Shattered Glass by Kimberly Cameron
sand: Secret of the Sea by Cali
sand: Bounty by Sailor and Lula (freebie)
font: 1942 report

ETA Sunday night: after three days of watching the layouts coming in for this challenge, I must say that this has affected me. I never thought the Dare girls would create such powerful pages. I never ever ever ever thought that people would send in their powerful pages. What I’ve seen so far are strong, haunting, sad, heartwrenching, emotional pages. No matter who they are, what they are, or where they are, all these women have experienced some pain in their lives. I’ve been walking around with a heavy heart since the post was up.
Also because of my own layout. I choose not to  journal  and use symbolism where the blue is for feeling blue, the water stands for pain, sadness and tears, the glass for vulnerability, the crack for the damage, the wound that has not healed.

There is still some time left to participate. Thanks to everybody who already did.


2 thoughts on “About to burst…

  1. Hi Sandra! Thank you so much for the inspiration. I would love to share my LO with you.. but I used items that I cannot post until next week. Can I send it to you via email? I don’t mind if it’s not entered in the contest. I jut love that I got to complete this LO. :)

  2. Sandra, your dare was brave and challenging. Working on it was petrifying but doing it has been SO important to me. Thanks so much for the push and the support that you’ve given us all. This layout is beautiful and thought provoking x

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