Leap of Faith

An older Dare by Karah that I forgot to post here….

A leap of faith…
We’ve all taken them at some time or another. We’ve made a decision when we didn’t know what the outcome would be, but we trusted that it would work out in the end. We’ve made a change in our lives, having faith that the change would bring something good.

This week I want you to scrap about YOUR leap of faith. This can be a leap you took in the past or leap that you have yet to take!

Dare Flair:
* You must use at least two photos that must be altered in some way (ie: black & white, sepia, vintage, various color actions, etc.)
* You must use TEN different elements that are all the same color (to keep it simple, blues could be light or dark blues, turquoise, periwinkle, etc. Any variety of the color blue works.). You may use other elements of other colors as long as you have your ten of the same color.
* Journal about your leap of faith, but keep it subtle. Let the photos and elements dominate your layout.

Leap of FaithLeap of Faith

Capture The Moment by Kate Hadfield & Designs by Lili
Crayon Bits by Amy Wolff
Almost White papers by Leora Sanford
My Way by Lauren Reid & Lauren Grier
Bitty Stitches by Lauren Reid
Wonderland by Tangie Baxter
Precious Pack by SussieM
Words with a twist by Sherry Ferguson
Sketchbook Alpha by Kate Hadfield
The Alpha Files No.1 by Krystal Hartley
font: 2Peas Squish

ETA: even made the weekend gallery standouts at DST, thanks Raji ;-)


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