one night on Facebook, Lilian (malacima) and Julie (savynabk) decided to have some sort of scrap off about baldness. yeah, don’t ask LOL, the conversation was about hair coloring, what color(s) we had etc etc.

so, i decided on an art journal page, here is my take on it:

AJ002Art Journal Page: Bald

The Enchanted Art Box {The WHOLE Shebang!}
Wonderland {The Kit}
Wonderland {Splatter Graffiti}
{TBD Classics} da Vinci
Splatter Graffiti [Borders] Black
Splatter Graffiti [Borders] White
Lot No. 93 {Chipper Chatter}
Lot No. 78 Chipper Chatter 700+ A-Z Adjectives

view the pieces made by Lilian and Julie. Amber (persnicketychick) decided to join us too, so will link up to her page when she is ready.


3 thoughts on “Bald

  1. wow. she makes bold look good! this is wonderful Sandra on many levels… right away i thought of when cancer patience lose their hair. i also love your adjectives here too!

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