Curious Inchies

inchies are little squares of 1 inch by 1 inch. you can use them as they are, on ATC’s, on layouts, whatever fits your needs. at first, i thought of printing them and then attaching them to an ATC, but for that i needed to print them, cut them, glue them, never mind…. here are some digital charms.

Curious InchiesCurious Inchies

by Tangie Baxter and SherrieJD:
backgrounds, leaves, stars, rose, key  {Curious Adventures: The Curious Collection}
stamps {Curious Adventures: Entire Curious Stamp Collection)
purple background, charms The Enchanted Art Box {The WHOLE Shebang!}
by Tangie Baxter:
hat {TBD Classics} Merry Tippy Tops [1]
background Wonderland {Splatter Graffiti}
chain Canine Dreaming The Kit
background, lace Vintage Lullaby Collab by Tangie Baxter with Studio JenU
Curious Quotes by SherrieJD
box Retro School by Celine


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