Outside My Window

meet Puss-in-no-boots. she happened to be in my kitchen one day, scaring the hell out of me. i felt someone watching me and when i turned around, there she was. i yelled, she jumped and was gone. everybody thought i was hallucinating. yeah right. a few hours later i heard some meowing and after a search i find her hiding in one of the cabinets. this time, it was for real. she was chased out of the house by my mother and found a home on a lower-level roof where she watched us through the kitchen windows. she didn’t dare to come down, cause of the dogs. they watched her every move and one of them stole the pieces of bread we fed her. gotta love them LOL. in the afternoon, she came over to my window begging for more food and some attention.
but then i got car troubles, lots of them. and superstitious or not, we decided she had to go. the next morning, she was gone. i think she overheard us …..

319Outside My Window

Feline Dreaming by Tangie Baxter


3 thoughts on “Outside My Window

  1. ohhhhh, poor lonely kitty. I feel bad for her, hehe and maybe she was looking for love? if you see her again, let me know. I hate the thought of any animal roaming and not having a home. Cheecheongfun and I seem to share that feeling, she cares for kitties that don’t have a home.
    ok, more stories. I am a sucker and your journaling is too cute, hehe.

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