Unfinished Business

Leora’s Dare is up:

Celebrate your failures. We learn more from them than we do from succeeding. I honestly believe in that sentiment because I see this everyday in my classroom. With each failure, a student learns to get better at just one more thing. In fact, what they take from that failure is what helps them to succeed the next time around. Sometimes you have to strategically help them to analyze and break down this process, but they do get it. Don’t get me wrong. I know…failing stinks. It’s not fun and sometimes, it really hurts. It’s okay. It’s all part of the process. Think back to a time when you failed. How did you feel? What happened afterward? Did you try again? Tell me about your failures so that I can celebrate them with you.

Dare flair:
*The color orange is often used to symbolize success. Use orange anywhere on your layout
*Journaling is a significant part of this assignment. I want you to highlight at least 4 words within your journaling that describe how you felt or how you are feeling now about the experience. You can do this by underlining, changing the color of the font, “painting” over the word to highlight it, etc.)

DigiDare#151Unfinished Business

papers, joker card, fastener Junk Yard by SherrieJD
orange paper Cat And Mouse by Amy Sumrall
scribble, splatter Boys R Cool by Amy Sumrall
overlay (on joker card) I’m Worn Out 2 by Heather Manning
Scruffy & Stripey Alphabet by Kate Hadfield
playing cards Wonderland by Aja Abney
stitches Flossy Mess by Karah Fredricks

ETA: first time at MSA favs


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