Weeee, all about ME!!!

no, not really, i didn’t journal. just wanted to show how i took one photo and used it twice, both in different ways. oh, and i normally don’t use a photo of myself, let alone even HAVE a photo of myself. i feel so much better behind the camera. anywayz, i was kinda bored, already waiting for almost an hour for a client. i had my camera in my hand, there was a door with reflective glass, uhm, so yeah, that’s what happens…

324Me, myself & I

Flourish by Edeline Marta & Camilla Designs
alpha Forever Love by Edeline Marta


Rebel Rock by PixelWorks


2 thoughts on “Weeee, all about ME!!!

  1. Sandra, I love both of these pages! I saw the last one yesterday and it caught my eye immediately! Great work!

  2. These are beautiful pages, love the “here I am – well kinda” pics!
    And love the girl element with the skull and crossbones saying i love you in sign language – too cool! AWEsome pages Sandra!!!

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