i saw this documentary about the Catacombs of Paris. i had heard about them, but it didn’t click in my mind that they were in Paris, more precise, UNDER Paris. where i have walked the streets! if i had known back then, i would’ve loved to visit them. actually, no, come to think of it i would’ve run away, all creeped out. my mind was a bit more innocent back then LOL
in this piece i tried to capture the mood from what i’ve seen in this documentary and on online photos.  and ofcourse, my twisted mind placed a chain against the wall. if Photoshop could’ve handled it, the file was already 400 to 500MB, i would’ve placed a skeleton on the floor. hmmm maybe i should make another piece with a chained skeleton.

with Halloween this week, the Halloween kits are everywhere! as i don’t celebrate it myself, it is often hard for me to work with these kits. but i do love all the creepiness and spookiness they contain *grin*. if it is only for this time of the year that i can work with skulls, rats, dungeons and other spooky stuff, so be it!


All Hallow’s Eve by Holliewood Studios
The Topiary Garden by Holliewood Studios
dirt My 3 Sons: Mister Curious by Karah Fredricks
bone googled

for more info on these catacombs (Wikipedia).


3 thoughts on “Catacombs

  1. Maybe back in the day I would have walked the catacombs, but not these days!! LOL! I love this and it is totally spooky! What a great piece of art!

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