International Digital Scrapbooking Day

like the international scrapbook day (better known as iNSD somewhere in May), there is a day for the digital artists.  this is always the first Saturday in November with lots of sales, chats, give-aways, challenges, freebies, hunts, speed scraps, think of it and it will be there. if it is your first time, trust me, you can and will get overwhelmed with everything that is going on.  you will run from store to store only to find the best deals. you will want to participate in chats and challenges and hunts to win kits or gift coupons. or just go hunting to collect all the free stuff out there.

some tips to keep it all together and what worked for me the second time:

  • set a budget!!! or go after coupons (check the magazines from DST, MSA, blogs/newsletters of your designers etc). now see why you need to be subscribed to AND the blog AND the newsletter.
  • keep the day to yourself, if you have a hubby and kids, send them all away to bother others and take care of themselves. better yet, send them to the inlaws. oh, and don’t try to call me, i’ll be too busy trying to win something in a chat and i can’t type, think, shop and talk to you, all at the same time.
  • stock up on snacks and drinks, usually within hand reach of you. healthy or not, that’s up to you. now where’s my chocolate?
  • find out where, when and what sales are around. check your favorite stores, start placing kits in your wishlist, kinda gives you an overview of what you will spend on must-haves. it is also handy when you want to checkout, that you don’t have to go in the store, wait for the kit page to load with the thousands of sample layouts. i really don’t understand why i need to see all of the CT layouts. isn’t that what a designer gallery is for?
  • some times the sale starts a day earlier. try to use that, the stores are not overloaded by then, which makes checking out much easier.
  • buying stuff the day before also gives you the time to go and participate in fun things, like hanging out in chatrooms, and speed scraps. no more rushing through the stores, which will be slower than a turtle. it also happens that on this day, most of them crash. yes, they do, and more often than not they will be down the next day too.
  • wait, wait, wait with your downloads! i think this is important. because everybody starts downloading, the servers cannot handle all the traffic. since your order is often up for a week or longer, why not download a day or two after. and if your connection is like mine (yeah Telezuur, what’s up with that!), you will be downloading for two weeks straight, day and night, 24/7. and you will be mailing with the shop owners if they could please please reset your links again, because your connection is so slow that the server just stopped the download.
  • for fast, or at least continuous downloading, all those gigs i bought, i use DownThemAll, a download manager.
  • all in all, keep a watch on forums like DST or MSA where all activities and sales are announced.

if you have something to add to this novel, feel free to comment.


2 thoughts on “International Digital Scrapbooking Day

  1. Nothing to add, but I had never heard of DownThemAll and I have to say a HUGE thank you for telling about this goodie. :)

  2. Chengie (Sandra?) Just wanted you to know that you are amazing in more ways than one, LOs, obviously, but information, humour, I could go on and on, you really, as they say, ROCK IT!

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