3.5 gigabytes and pooped

i’m pooped! shopping and chatting and  scrapping and downloading, damn, this is some kind of sport.

the results of this weekend? only 5 stores, 9 designers, 15 kits/packs, 3595 MB’s total and i’m actually not done. can you believe that?? there is only one store left i need to rampage but i think i’m gonna wait till the next sale. i sure won’t scrap with the stuff even if i buy them now or later, so i better wait for another sale. for now, i’m stuck with downloading for at least a week. yeah, you read that correctly, a week!
i also won a few coupons so that made it even easier on my wallet credit card *huge grin* (hehe special thanks Carly and ofcourse SBG!)

a few of my MUST-HAVES were Old Town by Joe Designs, Santa Cruzy by Creashens, Urban Madness by Ida (i almost forgot about this one, luckily i was browsing the store instead of going straight to my wishlist) and sussieM’s part of Old World. there was one thing that wasn’t on my list, but happened to win it, is the Grab Bag by Gypsy Couture. now that was a real treat, my mouth started watering just looking at the textures, glitter and colors of it. i’m not on her team (hint LOL) but i highly recommend it and give it a ten thumbs up!

so, what did you get?


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