Very Important Women

This week’s Dare #154 by Alice:

Dare :
Who are the VIP in your life ?
The other day, with my little brother we had a great conversation about the people that counts a lot in our life and why we admire them. Who are the people who counts the most for you ? This week i challenge you to create a LO about all these important people in your life, and to write about why you love and admire them.
Dare flair :
– You should have one picture for each VIP of your life.
– You should write a few lines about each of them.
– You should only use paper and no elements. If you want you can clip your paper on a shape, but no element.
– You should frame your pictures in an original way.

DigiDare#154Very Important Women

papers Small Wonders by Karah Fredricks
papers Sunny-Dee, Kaleidoscope, Hoopla, On Solid Ground by Leora Sanford
font: Traveling Typewriter

i’ve got a freebie for you, my first! it is a template based on this layout and will be up for a limited time. if you use it, i would love to see your work with it. click on the preview to download.

ETA: yup, sorry, it’s gone. be on the look out for another one around the weekend. thanks for the sweet comments!

Shaped Template Freebie


9 thoughts on “Very Important Women

  1. Thank you so much for the template, Sandra. Your page is beautiful, not only in aesthetic terms but in content. Awesome job on the template, layout and challenge. Kait

  2. euh, i didn’t know i HAD to wait for Digifree.
    people just grabbing my template without leaving a thank you.
    please don’t tell me what to do
    thank you ;-)

    and especially with a fake email address, don’t be rude on top of it!

  3. Thanks, Sandra. Can’t wait to see your next amazing template. I don’t know of many bloggers who leave their freebies up for long, so don’t change a thing. :)

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