3 Years and a FREE kit!!

DigiDare’s 3rd anniversary is here and we’re celebrating it by giving you this fabulous kit by our Dare designers absolutely for free! yes, you’ve read it correctly, we’re giving out a freebie!

but wait, there is more! you can also win a spot on our team as a guest scrapper. now who wouldn’t love that even more. so come on and send in your page, we’d love to see it!

Here is Traci’s Dare#156:

Well everyone, we at The Digi Dares are SO proud to say that this dare is OFFICIALLY our 3rd anniversary dare!! Let’s party on with the THREE theme and throw in some flair! The dare can be on any subject you like but it must contain:

* 3 Photos in 3 different shapes (square, circle, horizontal rectangular, vertical rectangular, etc)
* 3 Papers
* 3 matching elements somewhere on the page (stars, hearts, flowers, buttons, etc)
* 3 different alphas and
* 3 spots of journaling (so I want you to break up your journaling and put it on 3 different places on the page!)
Have fun! Extra credit for those who take the THREE theme and run with it even further! You must explain your extra credit in your comment.

i decided to take it even further, adding lots of 3’s LOL. don’t ask how many hours i worked on this one, but there were a lot! wanted to try out the freestyle scrapping i so adore.

journaling: What started out as looking for photography tutorials, ended up as a new passion in my life. When I found digital scrapbooking I got hooked immediately. There was this wonderful world out there with such amazing inspiration and awesome creativity, I had to get on that train! And not to forget that I found so many freebies, that my first year and many months after that I only tried to download as much as I could. But what to do with all these goodies? I was a late bloomer, trying to create now and then, doing challenges, uploading to galleries, getting involved in the community, another world opened up to me! Now, having been really active in the last year, I cannot imagine my life without it. I’ve made so many wonderful and creative friends over the past year. Not to forget all the designers and teams who gave me the opportunity to really expand my horizon on an artistic level. Yes, I admit it, I’m an addict, a scrap addict!

3 photos: ellips, square, rectangle with rounded corners
3 papers: Sketchbook Pages by Kate Hadfield, Small Wonders Papers by Karah Fredricks,
Capture the Moment by Kate Hadfield and Designs by Lili
3 matching elements (3 word strips): Vintage Ad Words Sampler by Tangie Baxter, Starter Labels by Leora Sanford, We All Have A Story by Karah Fredricks and Anne deJong
3 alphas: Junk Yard by SherrieJD, X-Treme Acrylic Alpha by Traci Reed, Paintity-Doo-Dah Alpha by Traci Reed
3 journaling spots: Pieces Of My Heart by ScrapArtist Collaborations (retired),
Love Love Let It Go Alpha Brushes by Danielle Donaldson, Story Starters by CD Muckosky (freebie)

My extra 3’s themes:
3 date labels: An Open Book – The Basics by Karah Fredricks, Finishing Touches Dymomite Dates by Traci Reed,
365 International Edition – Take 2 by Studio MGL
3 fonts: The Director’s Font by Tangie Baxter, CK Ali’s Writing, Traveling Typewriter
3 brushes: Playing With Paint by Anne deJong, Design It Forward – Art My Journal
by ScrapArtist Collaborations, Blocked Brushes by Gina Miller
3 different designers/kits per theme

page treatment with Sunflare and Bokeh Photo Overlays by Leora Sanford


2 thoughts on “3 Years and a FREE kit!!

  1. Yikes! What a challenge, it occurs to me that it might take a bit longer than usual, but hey, a challenge is a challenge! (And if one does some extras, major computer time…I feel an idea coming on!) P.S. YOU are astounding, in the best way! (and adorabe, in the picture, and young…wish I were your age again, but of course I wouldn’t know you yet, so, goodbye younger me!)

  2. This looks superb, it was so worth the extra work – wonderful!!!
    BTW, you’re way too gorgeous, I can’t be a digi friend to you anymore……goodbye.
    sniff sniff

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