ahh, my first Christmas without my family, the first time i saw snow, the year i learned to cook, lots and lots of firsts that year. this page is for DigiDare#158 by Aja.

Ghost of Christmas Past

We are going to go way back in time for this one! Use this http://www.random.org/integers/ to choose a year in your past. Set the first number to the year you were born and the second number to 1999.

Now, think back to December of that year. Write down everything you can remember about that time, then turn it into journaling for your layout. Journaling should fill at least 1/4 of the page.Since we are talking about the past, make your page look old!For extra holiday flair, throw in some glitter.


everything by SherrieJD:
alpha (recolored) Kitchsy Kitchen, fabric pieces, book cover, card Junk Yard, paper Retro Solids, paper, glitter snowflake Rudolph Jive, bow Artist 2 Artist Christmas Bows 2, frame Christmas Card Frames, envelope Santa Cutie, image Christmas Collection Mega Backgrounds (collab with Tangie Baxter)


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