This totally sucks!

correct me if i’m wrong, but imagine this, a digiscrapping shop is having their 12 days of Christmas (there is a 5 included in the site name *rolls eyes*). on the third day, their Santa decided that all Christmas and winter kits were 30% off. so i bought 2 Christmas kits.

one of the designers had even advertised in her newsletter that only on day 3 certain kits would be for sale, including the one i bought.

skip to day 4, Santa is feeling generous and has $1 goodies.  imagine my surprise when i got in the store and found EXACTLY the two kits i bought on day 3 are now for sale for only $1 a piece. WTF? isn’t that false advertisement? i’m truly pissed right now.

and i’m wondering, is this the normal way of doing business in America? this is really not what i’m used to, not where i live, or have lived. please explain it to me.

ETA: i got compensated with a coupon by the designer after i sent her a mail. i also appreciated the fact she acted quickly upon it. for me, it really is not about the coupon, or the designer. it is the principle of having 2 different sale prices during one sale event. and especially if i happen to have bought the more expensive ‘one’. i wouldn’t mind if this kit would’ve been $1 in a Spring cleaning sale or next month. or if i just miss a day. but not the next day, or the day after, or the day after that in the 12 Days of Christmas sale…


3 thoughts on “This totally sucks!

  1. that totally sucks. i would email and ask for a refund or credit. you are totally within your rights and i am sure you won’t be the only one to complain.

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