Good Girl/Bad Girl

i do feel like i’m a twin, the devil and the angel on both shoulders do keep pulling me to their side. and i listen to both of them. not to mention the fact that my astrology sign is Gemini… sigh…

Art Journal Page: Good Girl

ARTist to ARTist Bad Fog Alpha by sherrieJD
ARTist to ARTist Bad Fog Ink by sherrieJD
Artist to Artist One Sweet Love:Alpha by Nancie Rowe Janitz
Artist to Artist One Sweet Love:Borders by Nancie Rowe Janitz
Crayon Scribbles by PixelWorks
She Knew Papers by Dianne Rigdon
Wish Bliss Studio’s Happy Girl Mini Kit (Inspired by Kelly Barton) by Danielle Donaldson
A2A – Kate Paper Set by Angie Hinksman
Freestyle Papers {artist to artist} by Rachel Young
Artist To Artist – Bad Fog Elements – Pink. Girl. by Christine Honsinger (Fiddlette)

the story of my non-tattoo:
i always wanted a tattoo, only i was too chicken to actually do it. afraid of the pain, not wanting to have a permanent mark on my body, the fights it would’ve gotten me with my mother hehe. i also could not decide on what i wanted.chinese characters for sure, but what? you will be wearing those characteristics for the rest of your life. i finally had a brilliant idea, find a chinese dictionary, just pinpoint randomnly in it, now those three words would be the ones. ofcourse, i don’t understand a word Chinese, let alone read it. so i asked a friend to help me out. like in a ceremony, i opened the book, let the pages rustle through  my fingers, and finally settled on a character.  “this is the first i want”,.
my friend glanced at the character and started laughing. “what is it?, what does it mean?” i asked a trillion times. “well, she said, it literally means – whore walker -. uhm, yeah right. so that was the story and the end of my tattoo adventure.

Art Journal Page: Bad Girl

A Beautiful Mess – Patterns by PixelWorks
Bad Fog Paper Pack: Solids by Erin Clayton
Flourish Rubons A2A {element pack} by HGD by Laurie Ann
Kelly Bartion’s Bad Fog Alpha (Brush Set) by Collaborations
Kelly Barton’s Paper and Ink Banners by Collaborations
Artist to Artist One Sweet Love:Flora by Nancie Rowe Janitz
ARTist to ARTist Bad Fog Ink by sherrieJD
ARTist to ARTist Bad Fog Labels by sherrieJD

font: Curlz MT

ETA: wow, both pages made GSO at DST (Good Girl/Bad Girl) ! i’m so flattered! thanks Tarty00!


5 thoughts on “Good Girl/Bad Girl

  1. Congratulations on GSO – well deserved too! I LOVE both those layouts!
    Love your tattoo story! lol
    Both my sisters are gemini so I know all bout the twins and thier double personalities! heehee!

  2. I just love your funny sense of humor and wished I could put a face to these two layouts. Lol, lol. Too cute. Yes, your mother would have freaked out for sure. Fabulous pages, Sandra.

  3. Ummm.. so… you have a good side too huh?! LoL
    Love your lay outs. It must get boring I know, I always love you lay outs. But I DO, really do. They’re wonderful, funny, orignal. Must be your bad side. Don’t bad girls have more fun…?

    1. *snort* why is it that everybody thinks i’m such a bad girl bwahaha i love you gals!

      and yes, bad ass girls have way more fun LOL

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