Some musings about Project 365

as i’ve mentioned before, i’m not really commiting myself to Project 365 because i know myself and won’t keep up. just taking my camera with me everywhere i go, will give a higher chance of succeeding. if i miss a day, no biggie, tomorrow is another day. well, big surprise here, i’ve actually managed to keep up with it till today. big yay for me ;-)
BUT, i haven’t posted my photos yet, because

(1) i am way too lazy to plug the memory card into my lappie and download the photos. why? because my hard drive is so disorganized with folders from last year’s Project 365, photos for the newspaper, photos so random they don’t have their own folder that i just dumped them into one, photos i still have to scrap, photos i will never scrap, photos that have been edited, unedited, forgotten. okay, you get the picture. and yes, i’m that lazy.

(2) i wanted to see if i could keep up with it from day 1, if i flaked, nobody would ever know but me. and God. but we don’t count him, he always forgives you, even if you flake out on Project 365. and i’ve had some experience with the project before. really? yes, i have. last year i was all into it, setting up another blog, posting my photos, commenting on other blogs, linking to my blog in every forum. and then….i gave up….after a few days.
alright, alright, only 3 days into the new year, i gave up. after 3 freaking days!

(3) i can’t decide if i should start a new blog. a fresh, all blinged up blog, especially for those photos. but a voice inside me tells me not to do it and post right here on this blog. if i fail, the photos will get lost between the scrap stuff. if i fail, i don’t have an empty blog staring back at me. BUT if i fail, you’ll all know about it.

so i’m thinking sticking with this one. since my blog is titled 68 ways to express yourself, one more way won’t hurt ;-)

ETA: as Edeena says, if i fail, i can disguise it with a freebie. now that’s the way to think heh


4 thoughts on “Some musings about Project 365

  1. We have waaaay too much in common!! :)
    This was so much fun to read, and I’m really looking forward to some pics!!

  2. Well, I have a whole lot more time than you, and i tried, made it through 1 month, I’m even somewhat organized, but it was just too freakin’ much amd a perfectionist is not a good thing to be for this and…being lazy is something which I have perfected! So I vote for this blog and an occasional glimpse of your life will satisfy me, especially if I get to see your bad girl once in a while. (whatever that means!) Happiness is checking in on 68 ways now and then…

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