Day 1 … and so on

yeah, finally ;-)

January 1: according to Chinese tradition, you have to shoot these pagara’s (firecrackers) to end the old and start the new year. during the last day of December, the whole town, city, country these will be heard all over. this, actually last year we even made international news at CNN, because we have this unique tradition, a marathon at noon downtown where all companies and stores shoot the pagaras one after each other. some even shoot one at least a few hundred meters. it is meant to chase away all the bad from the last year and for good luck (and good sales ;-)) in the new year, the longer the better. it is also bad luck if the pagara stops midway. at midnight everybody at home shoots theirs. the air is filled full of smoke and nobody goes out after that. just imagine driving in a thick cloud. this photo was made on New Year’s day, it is actually a nice view to see this red carpet in every drive-way.

January 2: Mika has been terrified of the pagaras all these days, and won’t eat, only in my presence. so to treat him a bit he got the leftovers from yesterday.

January 3: got champagne from my brother’s girlfriend. it was meant for New Year’s Eve, but i was way too drunk after partying all day. i didn’t think i could handle anymore LOL


2 thoughts on “Day 1 … and so on

  1. WOW!!! Your photos are amazing. Are you using any type of actions or are you doing the coloring yourself? It’s beautiful, either way : ) And I’d love to know your secret : )

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