Z and H

made two pages for Kiyan’s alphabet book. i asked his mother to journal about things that matter to him or have happened to him.

the first one is about him receiving a very long hug from an aunt and the second one is about him being very wise when his grandfather fell asleep in front of the tv.

“de Z van Zwaar”

Love Generation by Sausan Designs

“Zet je hoofd recht!”

I Robot and I Robot – Robots by Sausan Designs


3 thoughts on “Z and H

  1. Love your pages… especially the one using Sausan Designs (sylvie) she is such a wonderful person… I was on her CT a while back and loved getting to know her. Your blog has made me hungry with all the photos of the yummy food! And I really enjoyed your story about the little guy who took a liking to you :) Have a wonderful day!



  2. These pages are really really marvellous!! The colours, patterns, details, framing, photos – all beautiful!!

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