Epic Fail Too ;-)

for Edeena’s Altered Pics Project 52, here is my week 2 entry, something you can’t live without.

this is my baby, 100+ lbs of baby. he follows me everywhere i go and since he is allowed in certain parts of the house, he follows me as soon as i step outside my room, through the living room, kitchen, outside, back inside, terrace… you get the point. when we sit at the table, he settles his huge behind near my feet. if i don’t pat him enough, he pushes your hand in a certain way, so it has to lift and lands on his head. spoiled rotten.

forgot to mention, as soon as i open the front door in the mornings, i’m the one looking for him LOL


3 thoughts on “Epic Fail Too ;-)

  1. What a pretty baby!! This is a really good picture. At least my babies are only 11 and 16 pounds LOL. Oh, and I totally get that hand lift thing, mine do that too.

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