Help me find a man!

come and check out the DigiDares for this week, cause it is my turn again to host a challenge!!!!
i hope you like it, at least i had fun coming up with it ROFL

here is the Dare:

Don’t you just love to read those ‘Dear Abby’ advice columns? Often found in women’s magazines and newspapers, and even on the net. Well, I do! Sometimes just for a laugh, sometimes for the interesting and funny answers. My favorite is Social Q’s from the New York Times. So how about I dare you to write such a letter asking for advice on anything and then answering it yourself.

Dare flairs:
Use a letter or notepaper/notebook, you need something to write on, don’t you?
I want to see at least three different fasteners (staples, paperclips, stitches, tape etc).
Use a typewriter or handwritten font.
And since I’m old-fashioned, everything went through snail mail, so I need to see an envelope somewhere on your page.

see, not too difficult LOL

and my page:

“DigiDare #164: Help me find a man”

Junk Yard, Spiral Bound, Basic Spots 1, Scene Setters, CU Labels 1 by SherrieJD
Taped by Simply Scraps
Desk Mess by Holliewood Studios
font: Pea Ele, Traveling Typewriter

if you’re wondering about the advice (the latter), yes, that is the advice my aunt gave to my cousin who is about to be married later this year. just act like you don’t know shit LOL poor uncle, he really didn’t know what he got into when he married my aunt *snort*

and i even made GSO at DST today, thank you kinun ;-)


4 thoughts on “Help me find a man!

  1. This is so awesome – sounds like my family, the women RULE…as it should be!
    Seriously clever and amazing page and idea!!

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