ADSR5, challenge 2

scrap 5 things you love, using 5 alphas/fonts in your title, 5 photos with the number 5 in one of them, 5 different elements of the same kind.

my page:

5 Loves

title: Shooga Shooga, My Little Heart Alpha, Fat Boy, I Robot by Sausan Designs, The Director’s Font by Tangie Baxter
5 hearts: Love Bird, Love Generation, Cloud 7 by Sausan Designs
background: Love Bird by Sausan Designs
photo with a 5: the time I started creating this layout
stockphoto by hawnisa at stock.xchng

ADSR5, challenge

One thought on “ADSR5, challenge 2

  1. Wow, I have missed lots on here. Love all of the new LOs. Hope you are well. :) I am great. Well, I have been a little under the weather so hubby has been taking care of me. He makes a great nurse. I will tell you all about it when you respond..hehe. Miss chatting with you.

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