i think i forgot to put up last week’s DigiDare :-(
if you still want to play though, you have until tonight 22hrs EST.

it’s a very fun and creative Dare#168 by Erin!

Have you ever looked at an animal or plant and thought “what I wouldn’t give to be that! They sure have it easy!” This week I want you to let us know what YOU would be if you couldn’t be a human being (it can be animate or inanimate) and why! Be as goofy or serious as you want as long as you be creative!

Dare Flairs:

  • You must have a photo of the thing or animal that you would like to be.
  • Have some journaling telling us why that is what you’d be.
  • Use some sort of speech bubble and make your photo say a line or two!
  • Finally, I want to see a centered design. You can use as much as the page as you like but the center must be the focal point!


Kaffeehaus Papers, Flitter Glitter – Smears, Haunted,
My Little Font – Little Nemo, Nostalgia (freebie) by Sausan Designs
Every Moment Counts, I Believe by Edeline Designs
SUPER DUPER! by Tangie Baxter


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