ADSR5, challenge 6

ugh, i’ve really had it with these prompts, it is one thing to create according a recipe, but telling us where to place the photos and in what size, or what the title should be? and how can you cluster with only 2 leaves when you ask for 4 flowers? COME ON….this wasn’t even a challenge, it was a pain-in-the-ass!


“One for me, about me”

by Tangie Baxter:
papers, frames, charm bracelet, ribbons, metal flower, stitches, word tags, alpha – Serendipitous
flourishes – Four Seasons Glitter Foliage
staples – Winter Wonder
buttons – Industrial Velvet
leaves – Field Notes
hearts – I Heart You
white flowers – Center Stage Opera House

Glitter Splash Original by Gypsy Couture
font: pea Kadee


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