my uncle from Canada is coming over. i’m preparing myself for the discussions between him, my mother and another brother. you don’t want to get in the way when they start. or during it. or afterwards. nope. just slip away and close your eyes, cover your ears and shut your mouth. cause if you say something, anything at all, it will be used against you in the court of law, uhm family.
not days after, not a week or month after, but for years and years to come.

for the chat challenge at SBG, go vintage….
tonight there will be another chat, every week i look forward to it. the girls in there are hilarious!! it is wise not to have any drinks near :-D


everything by Gypsy Couture:
alpha A New Day
papers (blended) Research Papers, Bonafide Papers, Cardboard Couture Frosted
paper scraps A New Day, Natural Abandon, Page Fluff 1, Gypsy Queen
Vintage Babes
flower Quirky Chronicles
photo corner, stitches Kindred Spirits
staples Grungy Spots
clay flower Gypsy Queen

thank you Kinun for the GSO at DST ;-)


5 thoughts on “Together

  1. Judging from the photo you’d never know your family is so volatile, they LOOK perfectly normal, but then, so do you, LOL, just joshing, (or am I?}, P.S., love the vintage feel!

  2. ooooh, this page is gorgeous Sandra and so is the photo! Love how you layered everything, just perfect!
    Aww, and good luck, take a deep breath!

  3. I remember those kind of visits when I was little, a room FULL of forceful, LOUD aunts and uncles speaking both french and english and all at the same time! ;) While now there really isn’t much family where we live here so Gracie has such a completely different experience!! Keep a video of it, everyone behaves around a camcorder!
    As you already know, i love this page, it just looks so amazing and special!!!
    Hey how much is a plane ticket from Canada anyway?!

  4. OMG…I totally just cracked up. You are too funny and I totally know what you mean. Awesome page. I will have to join you ladies for a chat soon!!!!

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