ADSR5, challenge 12

it’s OVER!!! okay, not really, i’m still waiting on the last one to be checked, and then the prizes for each challenge to download. as i didn’t race as a team, i’m not eligible for the grand prize. but it is okay.

although i could use the prompts to get scrappy, this year’s challenges were so uncreative. i didn’t even try to get “out-of-the-box”. thinking of my layouts from last year, these are nothing compared to those.

let’s have a trip down memory lane LOL (i just want to show them off again hehe)

challenge 2: Stuck, immediately after seeing the challenge, i knew we would have to go dark and moody. it is also the layout that got me and Erin noticed by someone. someone who really means a lot to both of us and we still miss her. someone who taught me a lot, not only in technique (and shadows and lighting!), but also in really thinking outside that box. and if it wasn’t for her, i know i wouldn’t have gotten this far in digiland.

challenge 3: Stranded Beauty, i think my first ever that i went for the realistic type. and i used a spider, and ants and some other bug, fun!!! the challenge was to scrap your first layout uploaded. i picked this one at DST. yeah, ewww LOL

challenge 5: My Gallery, another realistic one. here i tried the transform/perspective tool for the first time. and hoped to hit the lighting and shadows correctly.

challenge 9, Family: yeah, that same family. another realistic one. hmm, notice a pattern? ;-)

and the last one, challenge 11: Why?, i wasn’t in the mood to be scrappy. i set up my camera, dodged and burned the photo placed on a blackground and i was done. easy peasy.

okay, i’m done.

oh, the last one for this year. go hybrid! i knew there was a reason i went all digital. first print went all wrong, setting was for portrait, yikes… it took a second print. consider the cleaning up, with pieces of paper everywhere, finding that damn scissor, glue on the table, glue between my fingers, glue on the envelope. yeah, i almost glued it to the table. but i like it, it is so darn cute LOL

Eve and Fey Whispers by Rebecca McMeen at Studio Tangie

and now i’m DONE!!!


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