ADSR5, challenge 9

jeez, talk about being difficult. the host was Inspiration Lane and the challenge was to create a layout about what inspires us in our lives. as it was an intersection, meaning both partners had to come up with one layout, with on it two photos and two inspirations. one for each partner. as i’m alone in this race, it was only natural to have one inspiration and one photo.

guess again, the host was being difficult and trying to understand, that i had to have two photos otherwise i was disqualified. just evading my questions, only stating about those two pics. well, luckily for me, my challenge checker is a real sweetheart and told me that as long as i had my own inspiration and photo, i would be checked and could go on.

anyway, remember the last photo?


everything by me except Bokeh Lite Overlays by Leora Sanford


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