my turn to host the Dares again!! and as of this posting, you still have 2 days to link us up to your layout ;-)
thanks to everybody who has already participated! a special thanks goes out to my friends including the Tuesday nights chatgirls, you know who you are :-P

here it goes for Dare #173:

I’m a numbers-freak, I know birthdays and telephone numbers from way back, of people I grew up with even though I’m not in contact with them these days. I know the license plates of a few people around me, my way of recognizing them, even before seeing who is behind the wheel. So my dare to you is that I want you to scrap about a number or numbers.
Maybe you have a lucky number with which you won the lottery a few times, or the number of kids you have, or a date something important happened. Anything goes.

Dare flairs
I want to know why it is important to you, so journaling is a must.
I want to see at least one number on your page. Use it creatively on your page, for example in your title or journaling.
Have a main color for your page, it may be monochromatic or broken up by using complimentary colors to balance it out.

my father opened a little boutique, Boutique 747 the day after i was born. it has been part of my life when growing up, lots of memories from the times i played there in the weekends. on Friday nights, the street turned into a designated shopping area, with no cars allowed. it was even more fun that across the street, there was this bookshop where i sat in the corners and nooks formed by the bookcases reading all their books. they knew who i was, so they didn’t bother me.


Alpha Series 1, ARTist to ARTist Bad Fog Papers, Junk Journal (collab with Tangie Baxter), Junque Yard, Viva Frida (collab with Fiddlette) by SherrieJD
Freestyle Papers {artist to artist} by Rachel Young
Stitch Hiccups #3 by SuzyQ Scraps


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