Hang On Tight

more than 2 years ago, when we just started out with the tourism section of the newspaper, i got an offer to visit a resort in the interior of Suriname. a location down South, near Brazil and on the border with Guyana. it is an island in the middle of the river that divides the two countries, with rapids on all sides except one. as i’m a city girl used to her car and electricity (meaning my laptop, my airconditioning, my chargers for all the electronics of modern society), it was exciting and scary at the same time. 4 days without the things i’m used to *gasp*
the trip started with an hour long flight and then 30 minutes by boat, into the Amazone jungle. it was breathtaking and fun. i went wild photographing everything around me, the Coca Cola colored river, the red and blue macaws flying over our heads, the lucious green of the forest, the white foamed rapids, the spiders and other insects and fiery colored flowers they encircled, some shrooms and more fungi stuff.

sleeping at night was a drag though, i couldn’t fall asleep because it was too hot and humid, the matrass and pillows were from some synthetic material that kept the warmth and the sound of the rapids sounded like rain clattering on the tin roof (which is normally a good thing to fall asleep but not constantly). i think i slept a total of 10 hours the 4 days i was there. being on the watch for any suspect behaviour of the resort owner towards me didn’t help a lot either.

and then, the return trip. i couldn’t believe my eyes when i saw the smallest Cessna ever. and since it was my turn to sit in front, i had a lot more room to wiggle my butt, but…oh man… the smell of the 3 days coffee breath of the pilot, a bumpy ride because of the turbulence, and with the wind against the flight turned out twice as long. it almost made me barf right in there.

i haven’t been in the interior since then…..

“Hang On Tight”

Seek Adventures by Tracie Stroud and DeCrow Designs



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