Flooding the galleries

finally scrapped these pics, Kazan is the Day of the Dead for the Chinese. i once went to the cemetary and followed some rituals performed. as i’m a ‘fake’ Chinese (can’t speak Chinese, i didn’t even grow up with traditions), it was fascinating to see the burning of hell money. this is for the deceased to spend in afterlife. clothese are burnt too, so they don’t have to go naked :-)
we always leave an orange for my father though, as that was his favorite.


first time Little Dumpling rolled over onto her belly, her grandma was ecstatic to say the least.


a little sneek peak of my home in the tropics.


before Mika, we had Baboe (don’t ask, my brother came up with that name, it is a derivation of his own nickname), a pitbull terrier mixed breed with chowchow… i think. i was so afraid i would run him over when driving in and out, i taught him to get in the car with me until i could close the gates. needless to say, he is also the only dog who likes to take trips, even to the vet LOL
one day, in the storming rain, coming home from work, i opened the door to get my purse and before i knew it, he was inside. refusing to get out until the rain had passed.


for a four month old, Little Dumpling is way too smart, pushing the light of the doll with her feet, her mother found her talking to it at 6AM in the morning.


everything created with the Artist 2 Artist parts of April, inspired by Leila Brewster.

GSO and GSO at DST with Home

GSO at DST with Kazan


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