Feed My Head

so, for the second very chatty challenge i got partnered up with Kim aka Nevermore. having always been a fan of her art, i was anxious to see what we would come up with. our inspiration was to take a movie poster and kinda scraplift it.

i immediately knew it would be something Wonderland. i picked all kinds of posters, but it was Kim who made the final choice.

don’t you just LOVE him?

i still haven’t seen the movie, nor read any book, but still i’m totally smitten with anything Alice or Wonderland. most be my Johnny crush, i guess ;-)

big question though…who would we scrap? Kim’s other brilliant idea was to scrap each other as the Mad Hatter. ehm yeah, i don’t want to get full frontal before the camera. i’m much more comfortable behind it. but i did it.

being me, i ended up uploading at exactly midnight EST. must be the adrenaline rush going through my blood i’m addicted too. so i wasn’t all too happy with the final result, i know i could’ve done better. there are not even shadows anywhere! SO not me…

and Kim’s page

voting is still open until Tuesday noon EST ;-)


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