Deviant Scrap is here!!

today is the BIG day! Hollie has opened her own  brand new store Deviant Scrap!

there is a sale the whole week, challenges in the forum where you can win coupons to the store,  freebies ofcourse and the gallery is so full of inspiration. when i first checked, my jaw dropped and almost hit the keyboard!

i know this is Hollie’s dream come true and i’m so glad for she came to realize it (btw, you can read her mission statement on the DS blog).

K’Lynn, we miss you…


2 thoughts on “Deviant Scrap is here!!

  1. OMG, this is so exciting, Sandra, I’m browsing the store and there are so much to see! I was dying of curiosity but it was totally worth waiting!
    Hope you have a wonderful week!!

  2. How exciting! I’m off to take a closer look.
    BTW, what did happen to K’lynn – where’d she go???

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