A week full of pee and pea

but mostly pee….

ha, we did it, the third challenge is finished. since i won last challenge, i was able to choose my partner for this round and i picked Melissa aka crossroadscca or MissB for the chatty chatters at SBG. i ‘thought’ we were going to rock with fantasy layouts as MissB is one of the best in that area! she even writes these amazing tuts with tips and hints on how certain efffects are achieved. she should be selling them! but before she does, i need to bookmark all hehe

anyway, when Kate announced during the chat that our challenge was to scrap about homophones…homo WHAT??… i think we both, maybe every chatter in the chatroom ROFL fell off her chair. MissB was like, huh, Sandra, WHAT did you pick? i was like, huh, WTF? bwahaha

well, to clarify, homophones are words that sound alike but mean something differently. for example, sea/see, soar/sore, and yes, pea/pee LOL

so our word combination was pretty easy to come up with, but how in the world can you portray pee without showing some actual pee. MissB’s first thought was to get  her son into peeing in the bushes, but she was afraid he would flash her. then she bribed her daughter with two Snicker bars to sit (just sit!) on the toilet, but the kiddy porn police would be around looking over her shoulder haha. so finally the dog was googled and it turned out really awesome! MissB even found some water element to alter into a diddly doo stream!

here are our pages, mine first and second MissB:



so the deadline was near. ofcourse i’m still struggling to find out how to resize in Photoshop as i had a much faster tool in XP. anyway, we uploaded back to back in the gallery and i noticed it was a few minutes past the deadline. but only one more team had to upload too, left her and the rest of the teams some love and went to sleep.

the next morning when i opened my inbox, i knew it wasn’t good news when i saw Kate’s email. we were fucking disqualified! i was shocked to say the least. there were three complaints against us, my team and the one after me. Erika got disqualified too, but that was because her partner just didn’t upload. but WHAT THE FUCK? 3 people complained??? and one even threatened to go to the store owner if our entries were allowed??? i was and still am fuming! how dare they, who do they think they are? do they feel so threatened by us (total coincidence, or maybe not, that both teams that were late, already had one point in the contest) that they had to stoop so low and to go complain? how sneaky to go and sit watching the gallery and going through the time stamps? i bet you can tell me exactly how late i was, down to the seconds! do you have a fucking life? i thought this all was just a fun game, while competitive, nonetheless with a focus on the fun weekly chats. and to go and threaten to tell the store owner? don’t you know that this whole contest is set up and organised by one and only Crew member, that Kate does it all on her own, in her own time, with her own money? that she can do whatever she wants, even end the contest? i wouldn’t mind, then i won’t have to pretend i like you.

i have some big hunches who you are. it is not too difficult to count the teams and do the math. and there are more things that point into your direction. and my intuition never failed me before.

you, you all who complained, i’m SO glad you didn’t win. you think you are all that and that you are good. but i’m bigger, better and badder. you’d better be warned! i can be a bitch too. now hear me roar! RAWRRRRRR

okay, that just sounded like a Pekingese. and i am only 5 feet tall.

like Anne with an E says, chatters just DON’T do that to each other. btw, congrats Anne, on winning this round. and thanks so much for the shout out on the MyPicTales blog. me and MissB SO needed some pick-me-upper! xx

and to all who voted for me, thank you so much! there will be a few more challenges to vote for me ;-)

Kate, i’m sorry you’ve been dragged into this. it wasn’t my intention and i’ll be a better girl on time next time. he.

“Prove Yourself”

too nice and subtle huh

but eat this, MissB did a better job warning you!

“Silent Protest”


9 thoughts on “A week full of pee and pea

  1. All I have to say is well put and I really hope they are reading this! How fucking petty to be so catty! I am glad they didn’t win too…bwhahahaha! I’m still pissed, but oh well they had their day and look where it got them…NOWHERE! And yea, you are bigger and badder and they were afraid to lose to you AGAIN! BTW, wtf ever happened to just having fun and Anne with an “E” is so right chatters just don’t do that to one another. RAWR! I just roared, but I am 10″ taller than you so I roared loud enough for both of us, Shorty!!! :O)

  2. yeah, and what really sucketh, is that I “win” but without the competition of my peers….so I get a courtesy win. Yada, yada, I know ourlayouts kicked major booty, Rhonda and I really worked hard and we get major points for originality of shape…but I will never know how I would have stood up to the rest…those who I have come to laugh and learn with in the digi world.

    I want to add….that this is supposed to be fun!!! I am going to do this whole thing because Kate is awesome and puts so much time and energy into it, I will support her to the end!
    I have threatened to kick Sandra’s butt and take away her cigarettes if she doesn’t keep playing! The competitiveness is fun, if you let it be fun!

  3. Wow, this is really kinda sad, we used to have so much fun at the chats, and it seems it’s become something else for some. Well for what it’s worth you guys have been and will always be two of my (scrappin) heros…..get the pun?! LOL
    Your original and the in your face pages that followed looked incredible – so maybe that is the best revenge, your amazing talent and humour!!! Even with all this, I can’t wait till I can get back to the chats soooooon……miss yas!!!!!!

  4. You know … it’s not even the fact that we were late. Yes … rules and pesky things like that. It was that we were only TEN minutes late?!?!?!?!?!?! Ten … TEN!!!! Argggghhhhh!!!!!

    Anne (with an E) you Rock sistah!! Congratulations. :)


  5. I think they will get what they deserve.. one way or other.. hope its soon..Karma is a bitch.. and so enjoyable to watch ‘weg’
    kickass artwork ladies.. and Miss.. well you know i totally love your art and also the way your mind works :)
    Bring it on sisters :)

  6. Anne…I know what you are saying about not knowing what the competition would really have been like, but with that said the LOs you and Rhonda did were awesome! Hahahaha….Sandra is NOT gonna quit because she loves her cigs and she knows that she dragged me into this…LMAO! She has to continue now!

    Maybe next weeks theme should be on the color green since the jealousy is rearing its ugly head. OR should I say that their ugly heads!!! Stupid is as stupid does and yes indeedy karma is bitch!!!!

    Miss B, I agree it was only 10 minutes FFS! I mean I knew what was going to happen to me because my partner didn’t even post, but for the rest it was complete and utter BS!

    Rock on you artistic ladies! Karma is on its wayyyyyyyyyyyy!!!

  7. btw, I would LOVE to be at more chats, but my youngest has developmental problems so it always depends on him! BUT every chat I have been to has made me crack up and it has just been the most fun!

  8. Geeminus. I THOUGHT I knew this story! THOUGHT being the operative word! I knew ya’ll were disqualified and reasonably irked about it. I had ABSOLUTELY no idea that it was a fellow contest person who turned ya in. THREE of em, no less!!! I just kinda figured part of Kate’s process was to double check upload time or something. Oy…I’m so so sorry. And I can’t even imagine what would possess someone to do something so ridonkulous and petty. And I probably should say this next part, but i’m good and pissed, so I’m gonna. If it were 2 regular old members of SBG who were disqualified, well that would be upsetting for sure, but its not just 2 members. IMHO, what it is is two VOLUNTEERS for the site…two people who put in innumerable hours as CT members and gallery commenters and all round cheerleaders. Yeah, I know, you get a few free products out of it from designers, but now that I’m on a few CTs I see just how much of it is a labor of love that you do because you want to. So that sucks the most. 3 peeps turned in 2 amazing volunteers…both of whom donate HOURS weekly to the site…for being less than 10 minutes late posting in what is supposed to be a good natured competition. And really…to threaten to go to Maya?!? Shoddy behavior, whoever you are. Just shoddy. I honestly cannot imagine what on earth you were thinking.

  9. That’s unbelievable…..!!!How old are they?It seems that they think they still at the nursery school….
    LOVE what you made made!!It’s a pitty……
    Send you love and kisses

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