Happy iNSD!!

euh, even though a bit late, i hope you’ll forgive me, cause i’ve got something to share with you!

first my monthly template for May which you can download by clicking on the image

next…..i’ve got some freebie papers for you!! it only hit me after freebie hunting myself Friday night, that i could create some more papers since my first try wayyyyyy back in December LOL i must admit that i’ve gotten some good reviews on them, but as i don’t have a lot of time, it took awhile for the design bug to hit again.

so here you go, i hope you like them!

** link expired **

i did it! i created elements too, yay. as i ended up with more papers than knowing what to do with, i started playing with elements. doodling some, playing some more and before i knew it, it was some sort of kit. and then the alpha. so now you can test and see if you like them. but, only the ones who are nice and leave a comment will receive the link to it ;-) (only for a limited time though)

thank you everybody for your feedback and comments. i’ve learned a lot and will take that into account when creating a new freebie.
and that … might be pretty soon! ;-)

freebie expired

please let me know if you end up creating a layout and hook me up!


62 thoughts on “Happy iNSD!!

  1. Ooh Sandra, this is delightful, really love it!!! Yeah you better hook me up if ya know what’s good fer ya!!! ;)
    if we ever get the time to work together on a kit I think it would be the bomb!! Someday it will happen….we just need to do a thousand other things first….but then a collab!!

  2. You fall in the dark side of the strengh?!! ;o)
    LOVE the colors !!
    I hope you had a great ISND too.My wallet is empty but I’m happy ;o)
    Hugs xx

  3. I love it..and couldn’t figure out where the flippin link was..
    I must say this is a very cheerful kit and I will download and unzip it and perhaps file it correctly. then I will work wonders upon it, with my cutesy little life! bha ha …send me the links

  4. I’m so glad the design bug bit you; you are a talented lady for sure! Thank you so much! I have you in my RSS feed and watch your site every day.

  5. YAY for your papers, they are beautiful, Sandra. I’m downloading now, thanks!!
    I have to ask you… where can I find these cool alphas you used on the hodge podge page? I love them!!

    It’s always great to stop by your blog, so much eye candy here!!

    have a great week!!

  6. Wow my lovely scrapping friend what a beautiful kit! I LOVE the colours espcially the green. Those papers are beautiful. Very elegant! I’m down loading and can’t wait to play!

  7. I discover you blog today, it’s great !
    Thank you for you may template and the papers !
    Have a nice day !!!

  8. Oh, i love the colors of the Hodge Podge kit !!! Nice for spring time !! Would love to have the elements too !!
    Thanks for sharing !!

  9. Love the papers, and the elements are wonderful, too! I really like the look of hand-drawn elements, they are too fun to work with! Thanks for sharing your time and talent!

  10. I love these colors, a beautiful palette! Thanks for sharing your talents, I can’t wait to see what else you come up with in the future!

  11. Your papers are georgeous: i’am downloading right now!
    I would love to receive the link to the elements:
    great design!

  12. OMG, end of the line, I hope you turn designer at some point ‘casuse you definitely have the talent! Just got off the chat room site, crazy people! Hope my new partner is as nice as Kate to work with! I know I was lucky to have here! Bye bye for now!

  13. WOW! So glad the bug hit you! It’s a gorgeous kit! Love the papers and the frames and the alpha…everything! Thanks so much for sharing this!!

  14. Absolutely love these! I would so love to receive the elements as well. VERY nice! Thanks a bunch!

  15. Wow the papers are fantastic! Would love to get the elements too if I’m not to late. Thanks so much :)

  16. Ho’kay…that’s it! Subscribing to blog…no more missing fabulous Chengie freebies for me!!! Grraaarrraar. LOL Gorgeous, they were!!! And just saw edeena’s skinny w it at DS, brilliant!! Off to vote for those amazing pages. I had no idea you were in that contest! BTW, I’ve never seen some of those pages before. You really are ridonkulous talented, lady!!!


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