Happy Birthday ScrapArtist!!

SA turns 5 years old today!!

guess it means that we are ready to partyyyy!!

we’re are also having this fun blog train where you hop from blog to blog and collect the goodies on the way.

so welcome to my blog and here is my gift to you, hope you like it!

link expired, see this post if you still want it…

(click on the image to download)

for the next goodie, you need to hop on over to
Danielle Donaldson of Wish Bliss Studio!!


(if you get lost, click here to go to the SA blog for
the whole list of participating designers and CT members)


18 thoughts on “Happy Birthday ScrapArtist!!

  1. Thank you for the great template. I love visiting your blog and viewing all your layouts…so inspiring.

  2. Sandra, thank you! I really love the BlogTrain and is giving me a chance to visit everyone’s blogs…I really love yours, your work is so artistically creative, truly inspirational…will be back for sure!!!

  3. Thank you my dear, for lovely template! BTW….I love your pants! lol ;) And oh my gosh…just watched movie “Leap Year” with Amy Aadams and some hottie with a body Irish guy….there was a cow. I think it was your ‘not my thing’ cow…same frippin’ cow! Eating his nostrils! lol Wonder if Paula has been taking photos of cows in ireland…hmmmmm


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