Garden Tea Party with a little twist

challenge 5 is up and ready for voting! it was a totally fun week as i got paired up with the amazing Kate herself! WOOOHOOO!
by the time we, or i, was ready to roll, i had absolutely no clue as what to come up with. the style was freestyle, meaning i could go in every direction i wanted, clustering, masking, layering, even heritage. i knew i wanted something else, but what??

so she asked me for my latest inspiration and then it hit me, iTkUpiLLi was the last artist i checked out. thanks to Rachel who has been bombarding me the past week with so much good stuff, i almost got an inspirational overload LOL

we started brainstorming, big flowers, some vintage ladies. then we got stuck. how in the world could that happen. but it was the prompt, the prompt as in the why and what, that we didn’t have. and after awhile, it slowly started to form, a garden tea party, let’s ditch the tea, we’re going with something stronger. and to have some company, the manflys, Katey Kate’s idea. don’t you like them?

if we would’ve gone with my idea, we would’ve ended up with chopped of heads of men hanging on chains or something LOL

my page

and Kate’s

but you should really view them back to back (click on the image for a larger view)

i’m so smitten with these pages, if Windows 7 wasn’t so obnoxious, i would’ve set it as my wallpaper!

ETA: finally uploaded the two pager at DST where it received a GSO! thanks Jimena!!


6 thoughts on “Garden Tea Party with a little twist

  1. OMG>>>They are absolutely fantasically amazing!!! ItKuPiLLi’s ladies are wonderful here!!! I’m so glad you liked em! I adore the ‘manflies’ and think they’re definitely going to catch on. Before long, all men will be bronze burnished and sporting wings. And be the better for it! Gorgeous!!! Will HAVE TO remember to vote for this weeks! sheesh..lately ive been forgetting its tuesday on day of, so perhaps I should vote now lest I forget.

    Glorious, incredible work!

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