Matrioshki Scrap Designs is open!

i got the honor to be invited as a guest CT by Marina/Marussia as she is the owner of the new store Matrioshki Scrap Designs. lots of celebrating going on with freebies, challenges and RAK’s.

if you know me, you know i love to take those delightful naps. he, which turn into a sleep fest catching up on the lost hours during those vampire hours LOL

“Siesta Time”

Siesta collab by Matrioshki Scrap Designs Designers


a mixture of Camomile Designs, Flash Line Design, Yoshiko Designs

“Once upon a time”

Watercolor by Kotozebra Designs

ETA: GSO at DST, thanks Komarik!

“Tweet Tweet”

Birds On A Wire and Alpha Blue by Kotozebra Designs

“Day At The Zoo”

Funny Zoo by TomaSoloma Design


2 thoughts on “Matrioshki Scrap Designs is open!

  1. congrats for being guest !! you’re lucky and your talent deserves this invitation
    your new pages are beautiful ! love above all the page with the story of the cat, love the watercolours and the pretty cat ;) and I didn’t notice immediately your soft blending ( it’s understandable, it ‘s the end of the day for me, I had a hard journey at school … lol ), this is delightful !
    and love the last page with the black and white and the pretty animals
    have a nice day !

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