Graffiti style!

the May/June Altered Hearts is now available!

the theme and inspiration is stencil graffiti. stenciling has always fascinated me, it is an easy way of mass producing anything. in highschool, it was also the means of having cheap studybooks and stencils. with stencil graffiti, art is being mass produced. for some to send out a (political) message, for others just that, art.

my favorite artist is Banksy, just check out his site, love his powerful messages and twisted humor.

Altered Hearts May/June 2010

for this edition, i created a tutorial on how to digitally stencil on your page. the cover is also mine!

there is also a challenge going on hosted by dear Patty Anne in the altered forums at SA. come play with us and have a chance to win a coupon!

ofcourse i had to create some pages using the technique, there are a few samples in the zine and here is another one where i took Lisa on another spin.

for no reason at all did i pick the Mona Lisa, thought it would be cool. then i decided to create two images in different colors/hues, thinking about Gemini, the astrological sign that is now on the horizon. looking up some stats i found out that Lisa del Giocondo was born on the 15th of June 1479, thus, her astrological sign (and mine!) is Gemini.
anyway, here is your daily trivia for the day LOL


GSO at DST, thanks so much Mini-Renne , i think you’re one of the few who understands altered stuff or at least tries to LOL


everything by SherrieJD, the backgrounds are all from her Graffiti papers


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