It’s been a week…

that i had my birthday. just right before the clock struck midnight, i managed to scrap a page, on what the ‘new year’ might have in store for me.

“A Day”

Cracked Alpha by Danielle, the rest everything by Roben-Marie

just want to thank everybody for their birthday wishes. and especially MissB, Anne of Alamo and Kate, who lured me into the chatroom. i don’t think i’ve laughed that hard, EVAH!!




with little dumpling visiting often, the living room is full of toys and other baby stuff.


Some Kinda Wonderful by Creashens

the day little dumpling got her first bath at grandma’s


frame by Danielle, everything else Ju Kneipp

an AAM for in the CatScrap Creative Team gallery. listed some totally opposite characteristics of mine. one moment i’m like this, another moment i’m like that.  if you don’t get me, no worries, i don’t get myself either ;-)
i’m a true Gemini…


template by Tiny Toes Designs, papers and elements by Creashens


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