Those Eyes

*sigh* the color of little dumpling’s eyes are changing forever, i’m in love with them, they are big and shiny and there is always a hint of misschief in them. in the beginning they were a mixture of green and grey, and are getting darker now. very curious as to what she’ll end up with.

“Those Eyes”

Blueberry Picnic by PinkLotty Designs

“Fairytale Queen”

Fairy Tale by Sunny Scrap Designs and the fairy by Tangie Baxter

ETA this note to the GSO at DST :-) thank you mumure!


4 thoughts on “Those Eyes

  1. Holy Toledo!!! Those are two OUTRAGEOUSLY good layouts! Love that Fairy Tale kit…the magnolia is awe inspiring. And your little niece! My goodness, that’s a gorgeous child! Amazing layouts!!!

  2. those eyes are really beautiful and the way the photo has been taken … gorgeous !! and love the soft composition of your page, I should try this kind of design … lol

  3. Hi Sandra,
    I had to come over and pay you a visit – this fairy composition is extraordinary to me. The muted tones the softness and the lighting are all so mesmorizing – it takes me right in!

  4. She is just such a little doll that dumpling! No wonder you don’t mind letting her use you as a trampoline…hehehe. Love the pages!

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