you know those days, when you look in the mirror and absolutely do not like what you see

“Just blah”

this page was published in the May 2010 Artisan Notebook for a feature article of Sausan Designs

“Fresh Beginnings”

everything by Sausan Designs

the vampire speaks


i once had this conversation with my aunt. who was horrified i don’t want to cook, clean and take care of a man LOL


everything SherrieJD

ETA: hehe hope you had a good laugh out of this Jimena, thanks for the GSO at DST :-)


6 thoughts on “Blah

  1. really love the first one, this monster is so pretty … how not to love it ? ;)
    feeling like blah … didn’t know this expression … those days, the better is not look on the mirror … lol

    and I better understand the last page … I easily imagine your aunt … I grew with the same thoughts around me, what I did not hear ? … but they were all wrong … lol and you’re right, girls don’t have to cook and to clean for men … lol

  2. Brilliant, as usual! LOVE the oogly monster. I can soooo relate to him. And seriously, my expectations line up perfectly with your aunts. I expect all of that cooking and cleaning and ironing. I expect some man to do it for ME! rofl Kidding…just kidding. But any of you reading this who were amazed and astounded to read that…Its what men expected for eons…and many still do. And we’re supposed to be fortune 500 career goddesses (but not make more than them…unless they’re unemployed and want to be taken care of). And raise perfectly behaved beautful children, and decorate and entertain like Martha Stewart. And be perfect size 6 model type creatures with impeccable grooming, astoundingly active, social butterflies who follow every societal standard and tigress in the bedroom. Sheesh. Is it any wonder there’s a lot of women who have a rotten sense of self worth with those sorts of expectations by men? Yeesh. Ok…thanks for the vent! rofl Gorgeous layouts, Miss Sandra!!! Your insomniac is uber creepy!

  3. LOL sometimes it IS better not to look in the mirror, i’d rather stay behind the computer and chat with you all haha
    and Rachel, the next one who cooks and cleans for you is a keeper ;-) no kidding!

  4. OMG LMAO! The 1st one is SO me! And the one about the Man…ROFL!!! I love them all! You have such talent woman! You never cease to amaze me!

  5. really felt inlove with everything on your blog…so amazing creativity and so perrsonal( i mean deeply inside yourself)…oh my english is bad, but i hope u understand what i mean….)


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