Lonely is the night

“lonely is the night, still the darkness is my friend”, something i felt for a really long time in those darkest hours of the day. i’m over it now….i think…sometimes the emotions, the pain, from that period come flooding back and i fall apart. if only for a few minutes.

“Lonely is the night”

Void by Holliewood Studios

thanks for the GSO at DST Mini-Renne!! you don’t know how much this means to me!


4 thoughts on “Lonely is the night

  1. When I saw it first time, I thought, and I was right reading what you wrote, ” for sure, this layout has a story ”
    but this is still wonderfully done !!

  2. hmmm my comment didn’t take the first time….

    This is touching, personal, courageous and hauntingly beautiful!!

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