Out on the street

as i do the photography for the tourism section of a local newspaper, i often have to get out on the streets for assignments. interviewing people or just providing the illustration for an article. there is this promotion going on for Paramaribo, the capitol of Suriname, “Paramaribo, the City of Smiles”. the thing is, how did they ever come up with it?

yes, we are pretty friendly around here, but mostly towards tourists (meaning, if you’re white, blonde, with blue eyes, and a wallet full of euros or dollars). but among each other. nah… forget it. while i was clicking away, i mostly got angry faces, mean looks, turn arounds AND arguments. i was threatened a few times, that i wasn’t allowed to photograph on the streets, that my camera would get smashed, a few guys even walked up towards me, like they were about to push the camera into my face. just intimidation. even after i told them, that if i don’t have their consent, i can’t do anything with the photo. most of them weren’t even in the composed shot! these few pics were the only ones i could use. 2 hours of work, in the tropical heat and burning sun.

“Out on the street”

thanks for the GSO at DST Maryse! *insert huge grin*


3 thoughts on “Out on the street

  1. Awesome page, my friend, and I loved reading about your experience. You are like the paparazzi over there…lol. That is just mean, but I do love the photos you got to share. But after 2 hours I am pretty sure you wish there were more. And I am not a true blonde….I am a brunette with hazel eyes, but I am white….so would I still count as a tourist…bwhahahaha!

  2. really, the City of smiles ? well, reading your short experience, they’d better change the name, no ? In fact, I believe this is the case in a lot of countries, unfortunately … So, as I’m white, with green or blue eyes I will have smiles and happy faces … but, not a wallet full of euros … smiles disappeared … lol
    anyway, your page is beautiful and love the photos you took

  3. Wow, really? Glad you got some shots while still in one piece!! Well the pics you did get are beautiful and their smiles lightup the gorgeous page – bravo!!

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