CatScrap Blog Hunt with FREEBIE!

my pages with the CatWalk goodies!!

since i have summer all year round, dark water flowing through the rivers and mostly forest around, i had to beg for some beachy and blue water photos LOL
so if you start wondering, no, i haven’t been on vacation and no, no blondes in the family either heh.

RAK for MissB

i turned the following page into a QP for you! how to get it? read on!!

“Summer Fun”
RAK for Kate

thanks so much for the GSO at DST, Billa!!

“Enjoying the beach”
RAK for Kate

on a photography assignment i saw this window, quite interesting i thought, so i took the shot

“A House, A Door, A Window”

ETA: woke up this morning to find 2 pages in the GSO at DST, nice messages to wake up too ;-) thanks so much mumure!

“Sunshine Beauty”
RAK for MissB

and one with this page, thank you so much for the GSO at DST Sanka!

“Free Spirit”
RAK for Kate


and now on to what you have been waiting for :-)

the CatScrap’s Blog Hunt for your next freebie!

(click on the image to download)

your next stop is Crystal’s blog

in case you get lost, click here to go to the CatScrap blog. ;-)

there is also a chat tonight (Friday night, 9.30 PM EST)
be there for some chit-chatting, prizes and give-aways!!


7 thoughts on “CatScrap Blog Hunt with FREEBIE!

  1. Thanks for sharing your wild and fun-loving QP. Love the alphas and the photo fold, Perfect for that water-sand photo. HUGS!!

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